Corn hybrid “Agrolead”

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Corn hybrid “Agrolead”

We are in a happy to share the good news – a corn hybrid bred at the Kyrgyz Research Institute of Agriculture is named in honor of the PA “Agrolead”! The author of the hybrid is Salvar Kamalovich Sedoev.

Over the past few years, PA “Agrolead” has been working closely with the Kyrgyz Research Institute of Agriculture to involve its employees in field training and experiments. We are very pleased with such a high assessment of our cooperation from the Institute of Agriculture and we urge all who interested to join in the testing of seeds of the hybrid corn “Agrolead”.

More informationn about the hybrid: The plant is tall, not bushy. The height of the stem during irrigation is 320-350 cm, the above-ground nodes are 20, the height of the ear attachment is 100-110 cm. The stalk of the ear is 2-5 cm short, the color is green, medium pubescent, without wax coating. The ear is large, 20-22 cm, diameter 56 mm, dry ear weight 320 g, cone-shaped. The growing season from germination to full maturity is 120-125 days. The grain yield during threshing is 85%. The ear does not sag when ripe. The wrap of the cob is dense when ripe, often with a red-purple anthocyanin. The grain is dentate, large, light yellow, elongated. The hybrid is resistant to lodging and stem fragility. Resistant to the defeat of pimple smut, is not affected by dust smut, linen and furasiosis. The grain contains 1.5% protein. The hybrid has a high potential productivity. The author notes that the hybrid corn “Agrolead” compares favorably with its characteristics from imported ones.

Sowing of the “Agrolead” corn hybrid will be carried out in Chuy and Jalal-Abad regions. We are pleased to invite everyone to take part in sowing. We will inform you about the time and place of sowing additionally!