Integrated trainings

PA AgroLead provides integrated training programs on ‘Integrated production management’ and short-term trainings on certain aspects of agro-technology, management and marketing in agriculture.
All the trainings have applied science and composed 80% of practical and 20% of tested theory.
Integrated training programs are seasonal on:

  • Production management of vegetables (tomato, cucumber and potato);
  • Production management of fruit and berry crops (apple, pear, apricot, raspberry, strawberry);
  • Production management of medical herbs (valerian);
  • Development and capacity building of farms, cooperatives and organisations.

Short-term trainings

Short-term trainings are 1-5-days trainings on certain aspects of crop cultivation, livestock, production of fruit-berry crops (such as pest and disease management, soil fertility, irrigation, artificial insemination etc.) and on management and marketing of agricultural organisations.

Also, PA AgroLead conducts trainings on capacity building for agricultural consultants and specialists on the following topics:

  • Training of trainers (ToT) ‘Pest management with practical methodological game IPM Box ‘Agrosolitaire’;
  • ToT on ‘Integrated Production Management through Farmer Field Schools’;
  • ToT on ‘Integrated Pest Management’;
  • ToT on ‘Application of biological preparations in production of agricultural crops’;
  • Training on ‘Improving soil fertility’;
  • Training on ‘Marketing of agricultural products’;
  • Training on ‘Business planning of farms’;
  • Training on ‘Project proposal writing’;
  • Training on ‘Monitoring and impact evaluation’.