ACSC ‘Agrolead-Plus’

ACSC ‘Agrolead-Group’
Healthy product – Healthy people – Healthy nation

In 2011, Agricultural Commodity and Service Cooperative (ACSC) Agrolead-Group received official registration. ACSC Agrolead-Group unites Kyrgyzstan farmers for production and supply under the trade mark ‘Healthy Product Made in Kyrgyzstan’, also, processed agricultural productions: dried fruits, jams, apricot kernels. Trade mark ‘Healthy Product Made in Kyrgyzstan’ is a guarantee for the quality, excellent taste and healthy product grown by Kyrgyzstan farmers.

At present, ACSC Agrolead-Group provides the following services:

  • Organisation of storage and supply of agricultural products;
  • Agricultural pharmacy services: biological fertilizers, biological inputs for pest management;
  • Supply of quality seed materials;
  • Forecasting production yields;
  • Testing agricultural crops and materials.

We have experience working with trade and processing companies in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Germany and the Netherlands.

Our services

  • Production supply under the trade mark ‘‘Healthy Product Made in Kyrgyzstan’
  • Production supply with company logo of buyers
  • Organisation of any agricultural production under the orders of buyers.