Consultant capacity building training program

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Consultant capacity building training program

Dear friends, colleagues and partners!

The PA “Agrolead” invites experienced consultants, as well as the younger generation of agricultural advisers, to the training program on capacity building of consultants in the framework of the FAO UN project TCP / SEC / 3601
“Strengthening the capacity of agricultural extension services in Central Asia for sustainable intensification of crop production.”
The program to strengthen the capacity of consultants lasts 10-11 months and includes four weekly theoretical courses (taught by international consultants) and 20 days of practical part at demonstration sites in the following areas:
1. Organic farming;
2. Conservation Agriculture and Resource Farming;
3. Integrated plant protection;
4. Seed production.
The program began in mid-November 2018 and the first course on “Organic Agriculture” was conducted by an expert from Turkey, Ms. Uygun Aksoy.
The goal of the program is to strengthen the capacity of agricultural advisers for sustainable intensification of crop production so that consultants can extend their skills among farmers and other agricultural specialists.
Theoretical classes will be held in Bishkek. The first day provides a basic study of each area for both young consultants and more advanced and experienced consultants, and 2-5 days in-depth study of the topic only for experienced consultants.
Practical exercises will be conducted on the basis of experimental sites, which will be located in three regions of Kyrgyzstan: 1) Issyk-Kul (Tonsky district), 2) Chui (Ysyk-Ata district), 3) Southern regions (Bazar-Korgon district).

Consultants wishing to participate should have:
• The desire to gain knowledge and experience in sustainable intensification of crop production;
• Desire and opportunity to participate in all trainings during the project implementation period;
• Higher or secondary education in the field of agriculture or in-depth practical experience in agriculture;
• Experience:
– At least 5 years as a trainer or consultant who has experience in training farmers and students in the field of agriculture for consultants of the older generation;
– At least 1 year for young consultants;
• Ability to cover part of their expenses (transportation, accommodation). The project will cover the cost of lunch and a coffee break during classroom classes and handouts;
• Ability to share lessons learned with farmers, students and other agricultural specialists.

More detailed information will be provided later.

At this stage, we invite all consultants to apply for participation in the entire training program. If you are interested, please send a short application form in free form to the post office: or
Interested persons who could not take part in the first seminar or learned about the training program only now can send a resume to the e-mail: or

Deadline for applications and resumes: February 28, 2019

For more information, please call:
+ 996 312 66 08 18, + 996 777 12 82 82