Interactive lecture on capitalization of experience

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Interactive lecture on capitalization of experience

Have you heard of the “Capitalization of Experience”? Capitalization is the creation of additional value and an increase in equity at the expense of its own funds and results.

How does this relate to experience? You personally, or in your organizations, create and keep a lot of knowledge and experience. But sometimes they remain in the computer, in the report, in the head or among employees who transfer to another job, taking with them important knowledge for the organization.

How to make this invaluable experience increase the importance, reputation, efficiency and effectiveness of the organization?

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Botir Dosov, Chairman of the Central Asian and Caucasian Forum on Rural Advisory Services, wants to share with you the knowledge of Experience Capitalization. The meeting will be held in an interactive and informal format, where participants can not only hear an interesting lecture, but also participate in discussions.

The meeting will take place:
February 20th
10:00 to 12:00
In the office of the Group of companies Agrolid at ul. Ogonbaeva, 155

The number of seats for listeners is limited, so please confirm your participation in advance by calling +996772000912, +996312660818 or by email