RKFR and UNDP training on management of dairy cattle breeding in Zhayil region

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RKFR and UNDP training on management of dairy cattle breeding in Zhayil region

From November 2 to 6, 2021, trainings were held on the management of dairy cattle breeding, the basics of veterinary medicine and artificial insemination for farmers in the Zhayil region.

The trainings were carried out as part of the promotion of the loan product of the Russian-Kyrgyz Development Fund for the cluster development of dairy production with the support of the UNDP project “Strengthening the capacity to finance sustainable development in the CIS region” in cooperation with RKDF and PA “Agrolead”. The UNDP project is being implemented with the financial support of the Russian Federation.

The training participants listened to lectures on the dairy business and livestock management, on proper feeding, animal health, primary veterinary measures, and increasing milk yield. Topics such as artificial insemination and modern barn design were also covered. For practical consolidation of the acquired knowledge, the participants visited the farms every day. In practical exercises, the trainers demonstrated a comparative demonstration of good and bad management: the participants in practice examined the correct examples of feeding and keeping animals at all stages of growth from calf to cow, milking process, milking hygiene with a milking machine, primary veterinary measures, as well as the main mistakes in keeping and feeding animals that should be avoided. The demonstration used the farms of the participants themselves, which contributed to a deep immersion in the learning and increased interest.

Additionally, a meeting with a representative of the RKDF was organized for the participants of the training, during which they received information about the loan products of the RKDF and the procedures for applying for funding from the RKDF.